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NICF - Agile Leadership and Management (SGUS) Lithan

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About This Course

This course first covers the basic concepts of Deskera, how to personalize the user interface and how to navigate, typical user tasks in common application areas, such as Finance, Inventory, Purchases, and Sales.

Next, this course leads learners through the deployment and configuration process of Deskera. It explains how to get a subscription, how to set up a demo environment, how to install the product on a mobile device, how to create a company, how to migrate data, how to set up users and email, how to assign permission sets, and how to set up important reporting functions, such as Power BI.

Next, this course provides learners with the tools to implement and maintain cross-application setup data after the system components are installed.

Finally, this course will help learners understand how to create reports for Deskera. It explains the building blocks of the report dataset, different layouts, report design process, starting from creating the dataset, request page and different layouts in RDLC and Word.

Get Knowledge

By end of the course, the learner will be able to understand the following:

    • Understand ERP Concepts and Business Central functionality and features
    • Understand RapidStart Services Process Flow and learn how to use it to setup a company
    • Understand Workflow and learn how to use it Understand Users,
    • User Groups and Permission Sets and how to set them up Understand Number Series, Source Codes, Posting Groups, Dimensions, Number Series and Change Logs
    • Understand how to create demo environment and trial account of Business Central Understand the Report Design process model and RDL Layouts
    • Understand how to enable Business Central for Power BI .

Get Skills

By end of the course, the learner will be able to perform the following activities while implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:

    • Navigate Business Central, use function keys and shortcuts
    • Enter and edit information and integrate with Microsoft Office products such as OneNote, Word, and Excel Configure a New Company Using RapidStart Services
    • Setup Users and User Groups and Use Permission
    • Sets Set up the Change Log and Make Change Log Entries
    • Set up Source Codes, Specific Posting Groups and General Posting Groups
    • Use Dimensions, Enter Dimension Values and Posting with Dimensions
    • Create a demo environment and trial account
    • Use a Business Manager role Center
    • Setup Power BI and Email Creating basic and processing reports


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