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MASTER-NICF-CRM-Service Management (SF) [CRS-Q-0031813-ICT] Lithan

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About This Course

This course introduces the learner to Service cloud features and functionalities in SalesForce. The learner will learn how to manage customer cases & solutions and configure case team and how to configure and manage entitlements with Milestones and SLA (Service Level Agreement) for service teams. The learner will also be able to setup and manage Service contracts.

By end of the modular course, the learner will be able to design, document and configure Service Management Processes.

This course is equivalent to the following SalesForce certification courses together:

    • Service Cloud Essentials for Agents (SVC101)
    • Service Cloud Essentials for Managers (SVC201)

Learners will create the implementation plan for their company and respective modules. Learners will understand how to accomplish their project deliverables along with timelines.

The learners must perform E-learning and Lab Exercises for each of the Instructional Units with online support.The learner will also attend flipped class sessions conducted by Instructors. Subsequently, the learner shall perform a modular project with the guidance of an Industry expert who acts as a Project Mentor.

Get Knowledge

By end of the course, the learner will be able to understand the following:

    • Service cloud Essentials and its functions, Cloud SLA lifecycle
    • Understand designing and deployment strategies required to setup a contact center for an enterprise (Call Center Phones, Web-to-Case, Email-to-Case, Live Agent Chat)
    • Managing Customer support life-cycle using Service Cloud
    • Service Cloud Console - Omni
    • Channel and its capabilities for Administrators and Supervisor
    • Case and Entitlement Management concepts
    • Entitlement Management
    • Planning, Setup Checklist and Limitations
    • Assets Concepts, Relationships Between Assets, Asset Fields
    • Salesforce Knowledge Documentation overview

Get Skills

By end of the course, the learner will be able to perform the following activities for an enterprise using Salesforce:

    • Design customer support application and business processes
    • Configure different interaction channels (web, email, phone & social media)
    • Set Up Case Teams, Queues, Assignment rules, Auto-response rules, Escalation rules, Cases for agents - Set up and work with Entitlements and milestones
    • Set Up Assets - Plan & Build Your Knowledge Base
    • Build Your Lightning Knowledge Base
    • Set Up Categories for Articles, Answers, and Ideas
    • Report on Support Activity
    • Monitor Support Processes & Case Escalation Rule Queue
    • Develop a case management solution from case creation to closure
    • Create articles and article types for knowledge base and prepare to use the same as case solutions
    • Configure reports & dashboards to track cases & other aspects of customer support management


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